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Why use SMS?

In logistics, speed and availability are key factors. There is fierce competition for attracting new customers and keeping them is just as important. With SMS, you can launch notifications, reminders or alerts about packages and ordered products. Customers often overload customer service centres with enquiries about their product delivery and expected time of arrival. Adding SMS to the CRM system, the workload would be greatly decreased.

Business Uses of SMS

  • Send alerts to customers when their order has been confirmed/dispatched
  • Accurate notification of delivery time (e.g. driver within 30 mins of arrival)
  • Messages out to delivery drivers/engineers/other field staff
  • Notification of low stock levels/faulty goods
  • Request information from your sales force and other field staff


Why use SMS?

The financial services sector requires prompt, timely and efficient communication with clients, whether for the purpose of notification of financial opportunities or reminders and requests for action. SMS provides a fast and reliable method of client communication ensuring that providers can communicate regularly with clients to maintain a high level of client satisfaction and therefore retention. The financial sector, including banking, accounting, financial advisers and insurance all make good use of SMS for client communication.

Business Uses of SMS

  • Notification of new investment opportunities
  • Calls to action e.g. return of application forms
  • Renewal reminders e.g. motor insurance
  • Payment reminders
  • Overdraft and loan updates


Why use SMS?

Healthcare providers are actively using SMS to communicate effectively with patients, staff and suppliers. Providing the right level of service at the right time is key and keeping patients informed leads to their improved peace of mind. Whether you are a GP, dentist, optician, care provider or a manager within the healthcare industry, you will have a host of opportunities where SMS can improve communication and reduce the time lost by key personnel in missed appointments.

Business Uses of SMS

  • Appointment reminders
  • Prescription notifications
  • Results notifications
  • Updating care workers e.g. adding or changing a home visit
  • Messages of support e.g. encouraging members of a non-smoking clinic


Why use SMS?

24X Ltd have been working with businesses in the leisure and hospitality industries since we first started in 2000. We work with some of the biggest names within the holiday, hotel, food, leisure and drink businesses. These businesses send a variety of messages from reservation confirmations to sales and marketing to value added services or offerings to increase sales and revenue.

Business Uses of SMS

  • Booking confirmations
  • Table reservations
  • Travel timetable updates
  • Notification of special events and offers
  • Workforce communication e.g. staff cover


Why use SMS?

For every type of trade there is an increasing need to keep in regular contact with prospects and clients. Text messaging is a most cost effective and time efficient method of communicating with your customer base whether that be for running promotions, keeping clients informed of new products or features or ensuring that they are kept fully informed on progress in connection with existing business. 24X has a large range of different businesses using our SMS services; from small organisations right through to medium and large firms. The following represents just some examples of how the different trades are making use of our SMS solutions:


Business Uses of SMS

Motor Trade

  • MOT and Service reminders
  • Special promotions e.g. tyres, air conditioning service
  • Dealership new/used car sales e.g. ex demo cars, new model launch

Estate/Letting Agents

  • New property alerts
  • Arranging and confirming viewings
  • Notification and updates on day to day maintenance visits


  • Promotions to customer base e.g. special themed evenings
  • Discounts and voucher codes
  • Delivery confirmations and updates

Service Engineers

  • Appointment confirmations
  • On the day arrival information
  • Updates to the engineer e.g. daily schedule changes, parts information


Why use SMS?

SMS is one of the most effective methods of communication within the recruitment industry. Nearly every candidate has a mobile phone making SMS the perfect way of contacting them. Uses of SMS include inviting candidates for interviews, sending them date/time reminders and supplying feedback on the outcome of the interview. Using SMS reduces no shows, stops late timesheets and allows you to contact candidates and staff quickly.

Business Uses of SMS

  • Confirmation of interview dates and times
  • Notify job seekers when a new job matches their profile
  • Payroll reminders or updates
  • More discreet than a phone call
  • Follow up information and outcome


Why use SMS?

Schools, colleges and universities need to communicate easily and cost effectively with students and parents. Text messaging allows students and parents to be kept fully informed on an individual/one to one basis or for communications which need to reach a large number of people within a very short period of time. For example, notification of sudden school closures due to bad weather or changes to timetables.

Business Uses of SMS

  • Issue alerts for extreme weather affecting the school/college
  • Contact supply teachers and lecturers when they are needed
  • Receive messages from parents and send messages to parents regarding student absences
  • Updates on extra curricular activies e.g. educational trips, sports events
  • Notification of cancelled or rescheduled lectures

Local Government

Why use SMS?

District and county councils run many services which require regular and timely communication with the users and providers of those services. For example, childrens' centres and childcare services; health advice services; mediation services as well as job centres, benefits offices and so on. Keeping users and providers informed of new services, changes and cancellations by text messaging has proved to be very popular as it is extremely cost effective and complies well with the tight budgetary controls in place within local government offices.

Business Uses of SMS

  • Notification of local events
  • Updates on planning applications and notification of planning meetings
  • Confirmation of school admission places
  • Details of classes being run in the area e.g. ante natal classes, adult education
  • Progress updates on benefit/housing applications


Working with 24X

24X currently provides text messaging functionality to many system developers and suppliers who utilise our simple API or web service to achieve a fully integrated solution. Resellers are able to generate revenue on every message purchased by their customers. All that is required is the reseller's logo or company name and we will create a branded, self contained interface to enable the allocation of new accounts and for users to logon to the very powerful web sending interface. Credits can be purchased online via credit or debit card and 24X will pay you for every credit purchased on an ongoing basis, not just a one off payment. As a reseller, working with 24X means there is little or no development effort or ongoing maintenance in including text messaging functionality within your own system(s). This, together with the opportunity to achieve revenue through our attractive pricing model, has made the reseller option highly successful.

Why use 24X?

  • Proven services - 24X has a long and successful track record in SMS solutions and working with resellers
  • We provide a full service with a high level of availability and efficiency reflecting well on the reseller's own system reliability
  • We have a wealth of experience covering many business types and can offer free consultancy and advice
  • Ongoing revenue sharing opportunities
  • Click here for our reseller guide